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About the website

The website started out as a Tumblr site, then was changed to a Wordpress site before I got sick of having no control and decided to make my own website from scratch.

It started off just as a website with my info, concert dates and links to stuff I made. In 2020 I decided I wanted to start some sort of blog to share thoughts and projects. I made a hello world post and started posting a few posts on the blog.

Adding a wiki

In 2022 I started to organize all my personal notes in a Vimwiki. This is a pretty nerdy software where you basicly make your own personal little Wikipedia. As I really like the nonlinear way a wiki works compared to the date-driven blog system I decided to restructure this part of the website into an experimental wiki-like plattform. This is what you are reading right now.

You can read more about the wiki here.