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Øy recording week February 2022

I think it is official, we have started working on an Øy album! Well…actually that is not the whole story. Janne is doing a big project where she is making an album with 10 different collaborations (Øy being one of them). These recordings will end up as a 12” vinyl, a digital album and a video series documenting the whole thing.

So what about the Øy album?

Since we recorded much more material than Janne can fit on her album, some of the other recordings are going to end up as part of an Øy album! SO! We have finally started. Of course this AGAIN is not the full story. Because in one way or another, we try to multitrack record every time we play. And I think we have enough top notch material for a full album now, with these last recordings. So there is some sort of checkpoint here, but I am not sure what it is. Anyways I want to share a little bit of info about the recording we did this first week of February.

The recording process

We set up our rig in the band room part of Metronopolis, a studio collective I am part of at Grünerløkka Lufthavn. We spent 3 days rehearsing, doing test recordings, fine tuning monitoring etc. Then we spent 1 day doing the main recordings + filming the performances. During the rehearsing days we made a short score:

Part 1 - Both: Aim for 10 minutes.
Part 2 - Janne: make texture sounds with taps on the wooden board.
Part 2 - Kristoffer: sample and process this sound material.
Part 3 - Janne: start tap dancing.
Part 3 - Kristoffer: play bass synthesizer triggered by Janne.
Part 3 - Both: This part should be groovy.
Part 4 - Both: Stop in time to make a pretty ending with some chords saying “everything will be allright”.

We rehearsed and rehearsed this, until we were actually a bit bored of it. Usually we do fully improvised sessions, so this was very different. We concluded it was very healthy with a structured exercise like this, even if it was a bit less ego stroking than playing improvised for 30 minutes. We figured out how to make the groovy part more and more groovy, some cool granular sampling of Janne making a bell sound with her taps etc.

Then the funny part is that when it came time to do the main recording we barely played our score once. This was a pretty interesting feeling though. Because after spending so much time on this one thing, everything else felt so fresh, new and inspiring. In the end we did use some of the same techniques so it was great to have worked on details in these techniques in the days before.

We ended up doing 7 x 10 minute sessions and 2 x 20 minutes for a total of 9 takes. After this comes selecting which track to use for Janne’s album and mixing it. After this we will start selecting material to use, edit and work on for the Øy album. All in all a big success so far!

People involved

Input list

Adat 1: Focusrite Octopre Mk II Dynamic

Adat 2: Mac mini running Ableton Live 11 + a lot of homemade Max for Live

Adat 3: Mac mini running Max 8