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What is the wiki?

This page is an experimental wiki for Kristoffer Lislegaard. Explore at your own pace and/or risk.

What do you mean experimental wiki? Well since a true wiki is a user-editable website this isn't a wiki at all! But it is sort of written in the style of a wiki, where there are lots of pages with lots of links in the middle of a sentense, which you can explore. And every artist get away with not following the rules if they just call it experimental, right?

Can't I just write something and then is will be a true wiki? Sure! If you have something you think should be in the wiki send it to me for the wiki.

Is there an order to this wiki? There are going to be lots of different paths to follow to find new stuff and get lost in. If you look for hidden stuff you might get rewarded.

You can start at the start and explore. Or do something completely different.