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Snowgrains user manual v1.0


What is Snowgrains?

Snowgrains is a patch for the Organelle M. It features audio input, a subtractive synth and most importantly a granular synth. The granular synth can sample sound from the microphone / line in, and from the subtractive synth. This manual is a quick referance guide to what all the different parameters does. It does require basic knowledge of the device itself.

Organelle 1 vs Organelle M

This patch only works on the Organelle M and not on the original device.

Installing the right version

There are two different versions.

This is becausethe patch is using two external libraries:

If you have these two libraries installed already via Deken you can download the light version. If you do not have these installed you download the full version. If you are unsure just download the full version.

The keyboard

The keyboard notes function change depending on what page you have selected with the encoder.

Page 1-2: the notes control the subtractive synth

On page 1 and 2 the keyboard notes control the pitch of the subtractive synth. If the arpeggiator is turned OFF every other note you play on the keyboard will be transposed up one octave. If the arpeggiator is turned ON it will automaticly arpeggiate between the two octaves.

Page 3-4: the notes control the granular synth

On page 3 and 4 the keyboard notes control the pitch of the granular synth. The left part of the keyboard transposes the granular synth in semitones while the right part of the keyboard controls the granular synth in octaves. See illustration.



The LED shows the recording status for the granular synth.

OffNo recording is happening right now
Flashing redThe granular synth is currently recording
BlueThe granular synth is transitioning
(because transition is set to slow) and will soon start recording


External midi

Ps this function only work correctly when using midi over USB. If you want to control parameters with MIDI CC please do midi over usb. If you are only going to play notes you can use the midi trs port. I am in contact with C&G to figure this out.

When you turn on external midi control (page 8 parameter 4) you can control everything with external midi. When page 8 is selected you can press the AUX button to scroll thru the list of midi CC numbers.

Ps. Activating or deactivating external midi control will also:

Midi channelMidi messageParameter
1CC01-31See pages and parameters
2Notes 0-127Pitch of subtractive synth
3Notes 60-71Transpose granular synth in semitones
3Notes 72, 74, 76, 77, 79, 81, 83Transpose granular synth in octaves
3Note 0Start recording


Pages and parameters

PageParameterDescriptionMidi CC
1 - Synth1CutoffCutoff frequency of lowpass filter for subtractive synth1
1 - Synth1SubSine wave sub oscillator2
1 - Synth1OctaveOctave of synth3
1 - Synth1RateRate of octave arpeggiator4
2 - Synth2ResonanceResonance of lowpassfilter for subtractive synth5
2 - Synth2SweepLFO on cutoff frequency for subtractive synth6
2 - Synth2Sweep TimeRate of cutoff LFO7
2 - Synth2ArpOctave arpeggiator ON/OFF8
3 - Granulator1Trig SpeedHow often to trigger a new grain9
3 - Granulator1Start PointStart point of each grain10
3 - Granulator1Start FineFine setting for the start point11
3 - Granulator1Grain SizeSize of each grain12
4 - Granulator2SprayVariation of start point13
4 - Granulator2StereoRandom delay amount between L and R channel14
4 - Granulator2CutoffCutoff frequency of lowpass filter for granular synth15
4 - Granulator2ResonanceResonance of lowpassfilter for granular synth16
5 - MixerSynthVolumeVolume of subtractive synth17
5 - MixerGrainVolumeVolume of granular synth18
5 - MixerSynth ReverbPost fader send. Sends the subtractive synth to reverb19
5 - MixerGrain ReverbPost fader send. Sends the granular synth to reverb20
6 - Mixer2InputVolumeVolume of microphone / line input21
6 - Mixer2InputToGrainPre fader send. Turn up to be able to sample from input22
6 - Mixer2SynthToGrainPre fader send. Turn up to be able to sample from synth23
6 - Mixer2TransitionSlow or fast transition between old granular recording to new24
7 - LFOFilter LFOLFO on cutoff frequency for granular synth25
7 - LFOFilter SpeedSpeed on filter LFO for granular synth26
7 - LFOGrain LFOLFO on start point for granular synth27
7 - LFOGrain SpeedSpeed on grain LFO28
8 - SettingsMaster BoostMaster volume gain29
8 - SettingsPedalStart recording with external pedal30
8 - SettingsPolarityChoose polarity of pedal31
8 - SettingsMidi CTRLTurn ON/OFF external midi control