Kristoffer Lislegaard is a Norwegian electronic musician and artist working with sound and technology.

His artistic work is focused around inviting people into a layered cinematic world of sound that envelop the listener with emotional vibrations. The sound takes on different forms from calm ambient music, to beat driven glitched out grooves and washed out noise, but always with a strong sense of beauty and atmosphere.

This dreamy atmosphere is the core of Lislegaard’s work as an artist where he is using sound to change people perception of reality, if only for a brief moment. Technology has always played a strong role in Lislegaard’s artistry and he is not afraid to create his own tools to be able to express his inner voice. 

Lislegaard is also a strong collaborator and enjoy working with people in different fields towards a shared vision, or to help people reach their own goals. This has led him to compose music for many different prosjects like contemporary dance, film, installation, poetry, club performances, audio visual performances etc.

In addition to making my own art I love helping other people make their art. If you need any help with your project please reach out! Be that recording, production, mixing, constructing a live setup or something else completely. If you are interested in mentoring or taking lessons in music production or live electronics have a look at the teaching page.