Kristoffer Lislegaard is a Norwegian artist working with sound and technology.

Lislegaard makes highly evocative electronic music and his biggest passion is focused around pairing his sounds with different collaborators contributing towards a shared vision.

This includes composing for contemporary dance, theatre, film, installation, poetry, performance, events etc.

His music invites people into a layered cinematic world of sound that envelop the listener. The sound takes on different forms from calm ambient music, to beat-driven glitched-out grooves and washed-out noise, always retaining a strong sense of beauty, texture and atmosphere.

Atmospheric, dreamy soundscapes are at the core of Lislegaard’s work as an artist where he presents the listener with the ingredients to go on an inner journey.

I love creating and helping other people! If you are working on a project and wish to collaborate you are very welcome to reach out!

For mentoring and lessons in music production or live electronics have a look at the teaching page.