Kristoffer Lislegaard

Kristoffer Lislegaard

Kristoffer Lislegaard is a Norwegian experimental ambient musician and producer based in Oslo.

Since 2010, he has created, performed and released music as a solo artist as well as in various duo and ensemble formats, combining genres such as ambient, noise, post-rock, club music and more. He has also composed and sound designed contemporary dance, theatre, film, art installations, poetry and performance art. Different spaces and contexts makes his music take on different forms, from calm and meditative ambient music, to beat-driven glitched-out grooves and washed-out noise.

A common thread in Lislegaard’s multidisciplinary work is the exploration of different methods of sound creation, i.e. through instrument design, programming, improvising, recording, reworking one’s own material, collaboration and incorporating other art forms. A fondness for atmospheric, layered and texture rich soundscapes is prevalent in all of his artistic work.

He is part of the BeYourOwnPlattform movement and is continuously updating