Kristoffer Lislegaard

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Kristoffer Lislegaard

Kristoffer Lislegaard is a Norwegian electronic musician living in Oslo.

His ambient+++ music invites people into a layered cinematic world of sound filled with textures and atmospheres.

Lislegaard is inspired by how music can transport the listener into a different state of mind and in a sense music and the manipulation of sound can be seen as a technology to reprogram the brain and our reality, or just be something to enjoy. To do this Lislegaard is exploring different methods of sound creation. He is making instrument setups, programming, improvising, recording and reworking his material. All of this as a constant search for a mood or an atmosphere that presents a sound world the listener can disappear into.

He creates and performs in solo, duo or group constellations and have composed projects such as contemporary dance, theatre, film, installation, poetry, performance and events. Different spaces makes his music take on different forms, from calm ambient music, to beat-driven glitched-out grooves and washed-out noise, but he is always retaining his strong sense of beauty, texture and atmosphere.

Listen to the music -> here.