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2023 October - part 1

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So yeah. The Mastodon post pretty much sums it up. I want to start posting more of the day-to-day stuff to my blog instead of only within the closed plattforms like Instagram.

Why? Well for one you never know when people will stop using Instagram. Look at Facebook. It used to be that if you posted something on your artist page on Facebook. Everyone who followed your page would see it. Now you are lucky if 10% of your followers get it in their feed. I also like the archival aspect of it. So I want to use the blog more.

Until now the blog has been for bigger posts like album announcements and interviews, but I want to start posting collections of my day-by-day activities.

So here we go! Here are some stuff that happened in the first half of October.


October started with my birtday. I made my own birthday card this year.

I started with this image.

Then I expanded it.

Added some baloons

And then it went on from there!

Øy played an Amnesty benefit concert

Øy played a benefit concert by Amnesty International Norge region øst.

Solo in Drammen

I played solo at the concert series Gummilyd in Drammen. Gummilyd is organized by Drammen Støyscene, and the main two guys behind it is Tom Monsen and Bernt M. Winness. It is so important to have people like this making sure cool things happen in a town like Drammen.

I shared the night with trumpet + electronics player Hilde Marie Holsen and noise musician Thomas Holme.

Ghost in the Machine

Played a concert with Ghost in the Machine.

Photos: @ellenlun

Instructions from a Max app

For Ghost in the Machine I have made a Max patch that randomly picks words and sends them to each of our devices. A countdown instructs when we change word (and thereby the music + image) and we can also press a button to change to a new word. Makes for interesting improvisations and quick changes.

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