Kristoffer Lislegaard

VJing at Fredrikstad Animation Festival

My studio mate Jørgen aka Center of the Universe was invited to perform at Fredrikstad Animation Festival, and asked if I wanted to join as VJ. We performed a special AV set that included lots of Jørgens music videos, live green screening, live stop motion animation (!!) and other video tricks. Lots of fun!

Ps. If you are on mobile - give it a few seconds to load.

After party

After the gig we partied to the banging dj set of Nadda and live coded visuals of Thor Merlin. Thor used his own software made in C++, very impressive!

Boating and sound art

The next day we took the Fredrikstad ferry and went for a short visit to Urban Sound Art conference. To get there we only had to take the ferry one stop, but we had decided that when in Fredrikstad we WANTED to take the ferry!

Conceptual Impro music by Henry KlangGorr (Henrik Langgård) and Sindre Andersen.

Jacob Eriksen presenting Sound Art Lab in Struer. Definitly something I want to visit at some point!

Great trip

All in all a great trip! Super happy about the performance and all the nice people we met! Fredrikstad delivered!

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