Kristoffer Lislegaard

Adding RSS to the blog

You can now subscribe to this blog via RSS! The address is this url. What is RSS you ask, and why would you want to subscribe with that? Well let me tell you!

How do you usually find out that someone you like have posted something on the internet? For most people there are two answers to this question:

  1. I see it in a feed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some similar social media.
  2. I have signed up to an email-list so I get an email with news of new posts.

These are not so great solutions. Let’s look at why I think so.

One problem with the social media feed

There are many problems with things like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I am not going to go over them all, so I am just going to talk about one of the many problems. The feed is full of crap. When you scroll something like your Facebook feed, what do you see? Adds, click baits, memes and random stuff. Some posts from your friends, but probably not the ones you want to see. You have basicly NO control over what shows up. I keep on meeting people in real life and when I tell them “Yeah I am doing good. Pretty stoked to just a released a solo album”, they go “WHAT!? Why havn’t I seen this?”

Two problems with email lists

Email lists are a way better method than social media. But it also have some problems. One really good thing is that it is up the person to sign up and say “Hey I want news on this”. This is very different from getting bombarded on social media. You also have pretty good control and it feels like a way to reach your followers without someone filtering what they should see and not. However this has recently changed.

Most people use something like Gmail for their email. Google have introduced filtering and different inboxes for regular mail and what they call “promotions” and “social”. This means that if you use an email-list provised like Mailchimp there is a big chance your email goes straight there, and they never even see it. If you have a small enough list you can get around this by exporting your email list and sending out a regular email (remember to put them in BC so you don’t send their address to everyone), but this is more of a hack than a sollution, and also not a good option when your list grows.

Sorry to wake you. I forgot to tell you something.

There is also one more problem with both of these two, they are asking for your attention. When you get an email or notification it wants you to deal with it right away. They even show a number of the things you havn’t checked yet. 5 unread emails, 2 unread messages, they steal your attention. What would be a much better sollution was something you could open when you decided you wanted to find out about now things.

Say hi to RSS

Picture of Fluent Reader - an RSS reader application

So basicly RSS is just that. It is a system for subscribing to a blog that you can check whenever you want. You use your favorite RSS app (f.ex. I use Fluent reader) and type in the RSS-address of the blog you want to follow. Then whenever you open the app it will tell you what has been posted since the last time checked. This solves both the problem of a messy feed because you can subscribe and unsubscribe to what you want and you can check it when you want to, not when anyone askes you to.

This is such a nice method to follow people! I feel like I have found a whole new internet in a way, after I started doing this. Or an old internet if you will. A lot of website-editors also create an RSS-feed automaticly. For any site based on Wordpress f.ex. the RSS-address witll be at domainname/feed. F.ex. you can subscribe to my friends from Metronomicon Audio by putting into your RSS-reader.

You can subscribe to this blog by putting this url into your RSS-reader.

Again Fluent Reader is my current favorite. It is free and open-source so go check it out.

Thank you for reading. I’ll publish this post to my RSS-feed now.