Kristoffer Lislegaard

How I listen to music

This all started out as an experiment to see what is actually outside Spotify?

It is not that I am too romantic about how it used to be, but one thing I do feel is that when everything is on the same plattform, all the small non-mainstream stuff get swallowed up by the glossy highly marketed stuff. Also there is the whole money situation with Spotify… Ok I won’t go to deep into that.

Here is how I listen to music

  1. Thru some tips, recommendation or search I end up on peoples Bandcamp profile.
  2. I put their album in my wishlist.
  3. I listen to the album in the Bandcamp app on my iPhone or Mac (I have one of those M1 machines. They can open iPhone apps)
  4. If I like the album I buy it and download it in FLAC format.
  5. I store the files in my Dropbox folder in case I need to temporary free up some space in my computer.

How I play the files on my computer

On my computer I use a software called Cmus. It is a music player that you use in the terminal so I get that it is not for everyone, but I really like it!

How I play the files on my iPhone

On my phone I use Foobar2000. You can download it in the app store. There is no auto sync feature and I transfer the files via cabled connection manually every time I buy a new album.

How I you feel about the experiment?

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