Kristoffer Lislegaard

Alex Gunia

Alex Gunia

Alex Gunia is a german guitar player, electronic musician and visual artist.

As a teacher, collaborator, mentor and friend it is hard to overstate what a huge influence Alex has been on me! We have played many concerts together, recorded hours of material and shared many laughts. Our biggest collaboration was on his project 300 Acting Spaces which combined artistic research, making a concert venue, arranging concerts that was live streamed with multiple cameras(back in 2012!) multi track recorded and shared.

You can read more about what Alex is up to now over at his website.

300 Acting Spaces

300 acting spaces was an open public, independent and non-commercial artistic research project initiated by the electronic musician Alex Gunia.

300 acting spaces: The Documentation - Part I

300 acting spaces: The Documentation - Part II

(Featuring a young and awkward Kristoffer, hehe)

OSL120522: 22 May 2012 - Kristoffer Lislegaard, Alex Gunia