Kristoffer Lislegaard


Kristoffer Lislegaard - Floating Body / Diving Mind

Floating Body / Diving Mind is an album by Kristoffer Lislegaard released digitally and on cassette.

Norwegian ambient+++ musician Kristoffer Lislegaard is finally making his solo debut in the album format.

A full decade after his first ever solo release, Pocket EP, comes the ambitious Floating Body / Diving Mind. The album is inspired by philosophy of mind, the relationship between the conscious and unconscious and different ways of understanding life, which is reflected in the track titles.

With Floating Body / Diving Mind, Lislegaard presents a textured, enigmatic and layered sonic world to get lost in with nods to the likes of Tim Hecker, Ben Frost, Biosphere and Hecq, all while demonstrating his unique and distinctly personal direction informed by improvisation and custom instrument design.

Floating Body / Diving Mind is full of longing, escapism, beauty and hurt. It suggests a sense of alien otherworldliness, yet is familiar in its intimacy. From the dreamy choir in Ataraxia to the massive rhythmic buildup in Samsara this is an album for anyone ready to take a trip to the other side.

Floating Body / Diving Mind was composed, produced and mixed by Kristoffer Lislegaard.

Made by reworking improvised sessions recorded in Trondheim and finished in Oslo. Produced in home studios, NTNU Mustek and Metronopolis.

Released on Dugnad Rec

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