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Starting to post audio clips

As the soundtrack to this blog post I suggest you press play here then come back to this page and read while the music is playing in the background.

Screenshot of Ableton Live mix template for Øy

During Øy’s previous rehearsal Janne mentioned that she was missing being able to post audio clips from our rehearsals instead of always focusing on visuals which all the mainstream social media plattforms seem to push you towards. We were talking about how nice it was in the early days of Soundcloud (or even Myspace back in the days) where you would post audio clips in all sort of stages of finished, and share them with people who were interested in following your process.

But over the years Soundcloud have become a worse and worse plattform as seems to happen to all big capitalistic plattforms and services over time. So unless you are in some very spesific genres Soundcloud doesn’t seem like a good way to do this anymore.

We have also been posting videos, both proper performance videos of full length parts and short snippets. While this works very well and have even gotten us concert opportunities there is something magical about posting audio only, because when there is nothing to watch, people listen more deeply. They connect with the material in a different way, and I feel like it is easier to disappear into your own fantasy world and create images in your head when there isn’t a visual components that is “the correct version”. You know they say radio has the best images and the book is always better than the movie? Well that is what we are tapping into.

Also there is the possibility of putting it on while you are doing something else (like reading this blog).

So that is what we are going to do! Start posting audio clips! And where better to post them than right here? I would say it would be a perfect contribution towards this whole #BeYourOwnPlattform that I am such a fan of!

Why should I listen to these recordings?

The rehearsal recordings give you a little peek into what we have been doing lately. They also give you a sense of how it is to see us live. We will also probably be releasing more music like this track but since music releases and documentation recordings often are pretty different formats we thought it would be interesting to be able to hear how we work live. That we take our time to develop a musical part and then either slowly start morphing it into something new, or all of a sudden introduce a quick change.

I also want to remind you that Øy’s music is improvised, so to listen to these recordings is also a little peek into us talking to each other in the language of music. Pitching ideas, surprising each other, finding the familiar, exploring new topics we havn’t had before etc.

There might also be some rough edges here and there with non perfect playing, struggeling to find each other and then all of a sudden locking in. That is some of the excitement that you get to experience during a concert with us as well, which makes more sense in the live documentation format rather than the studio/release/album format. So in some sense it is like getting to see us without the TV makeup on.

I hope you like it! Remember that you can sign up to the email list if you want an email now and then (probably not every time we upload) or subscribe to the blog via RSS if you are into that.

Some info for the techies (or tech curious)

The recordings are (at this moment) being recorded on my RME UCX-II audio interface with its direct to usb recording feature (DUREC). So the process looks something like this:




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