Kristoffer Lislegaard

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Øy is a duo consisting of tap dancer Janne Eraker and electronic musician Kristoffer Lislegaard.

The sound of Øy stretches from dreamy, mysterious and cinematic, via clubby, groovy and danceable, to intense and noisy. Eraker and Lislegaard makes music to disappear in and presents a sound world where you can dream up your own images.

The music is based on a conceptual collaboration. In addition to their own sounds they connect the human tap dance with electronic processes. The sound of Eraker’s tap dance is sent into the electronics and used by Lislegaard to modulate electronic parameters, trigger sequencers, or as a sound source for processing and sampling. Exactly how the tap sound interacts with the electronics is programmed live on the spot as part of the performance. The result is a two-way communication where they both are reacting to what the other one is contributing. The focus of their collaboration is to work together as one complex unit or as two completely separate parts, and the changes between these two states bring a wide dynamic variation into their artistic expression.

Øy Kristoffer Lislegaard and Janne Eraker