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Announcing my DIY live streaming site

I am happy to be able to share with you that I have made my own live streaming site. Hurray! I am so stoked! Get ready for streams!

The site is located at

Subscribe for free here.

Why am I doing this?

I have been reflecting a bit on what I want my artists life to look like. Especially after my semi-viral video where I talked about how Youtube is not working for electronic musicians I have been thinking about the community and online aspects of my artist life.

I have for the longest time been interested in connecting with likeminded people and this often happens via the internet. Some I end up meeting in real life and some stay online.

Experimental musicians have been doing this for a long time

Seeking outside of our close environment is nothing new for experimental musicians. Back in the day people would send letters and tapes in the mail, then there were different analog broadcasts and pirate radio stations and now we can do it over the internet even in video format.

MTV interview about Biosphere playing a concert in 1997 at Svalbard and broadcasting it to the world

Why not use one of the well known platforms?

There are many big platforms today but as you might know I am interested in how I can do it myself. The reason for using my own server is that while it is of course nice that it is so easy to stream to something like Youtube or Twitch there are also some serious drawbacks, the main ones being lots of distractions and lots of ads. That is not something I want so I decided to spin up my own server. For the techies: it is a VPS running the Owncast software.

It will be interesting to see how this all develops. I have already done a test stream that worked out very well, there were even people from the Fediverse showing up in the chat. Like with all my projects it will come with experimentation, but right now I imagine it to be mostly live performances from venues (if they have decent internet and I am not too stressed and nervous), studio concerts and I am thinking about doing concerts in public non-concert spaces as well.

A short clip from the streaming test

Experimental ambient is nice for streaming!

I know that many people are sick of live streams after the pandemic, but I think that is mostly the case for music and bands that don’t fit in this format. Like f.ex. a rock band is supposed to be in a rock club with everyone sweating over each other and screaming, and a techno dj is not the same from the bedroom instead of behind the Funktion-One sound system.

Experimental ambient is great to experience in the club (you should come see me live!), but it is also great to stream. You can put on your favorite headphones, lay down in your bed and zone out. Or you can have friends over and listen to it on the stereo.

How do I know when you are live?

To get notifications when I go live you can simply subscribe here.

This is a newsletter that only sends out notifications that I am going live. I am thinking maybe something like “The stream is starting in 15 minutes. Chat is open now” type posts. Happy for any input if you have suggestions on how to do it better.

Also let me mention that if you are not already subscribed to the regular newsletter you can do so here.

So come join the introverts, internet geeks and ambient curious people and enjoy the soundscapes!

See you in the chat!

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